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Does Workers’ Compensation Cover Anxiety For Work-Related Injuries

what does workers' compensation cover

Does it workers’ compensation cover anxiety after work-related injuries?

When you become unable to work at your job due to extreme anxiety, will the company’s workers’ compensation insurance cover you? While some people don’t take psychological disorders as seriously as physical injuries, extreme anxiety can be debilitating.

It can keep you from being able to focus on your job, complete tasks, or communicate with others. It can feel nearly impossible to function in general.

What Does Workers' Compensation Cover?

Workers’ compensation can cover a myriad of disorders, injuries, and situations. However, you may need to hire an attorney if the company you work for isn’t willing to play ball. In any case, here is a quick guide on everything workers’ compensation should cover.

1. Missed Wages

If you’re unable to work for several weeks or months, workers’ compensation is designed to help you make ends meet until you’re physically or mentally fit to return to your job. Whether you’re physically injured on the job or are suffering from an anxiety order like PTSD, you’re entitled to the financial means to support you and your family until you can get back to work.

2. Medical Expenses

When looking for the answers to the question “Does workers’ compensation covers anxiety?” you should also concern yourself with your medical expenses. You could be filing for workers’ comp for a broken bone or for psychological counseling to overcome debilitating stress, anxiety, or depression. If you had to pay for these expenses out of pocket, plus being out of work, it could be financially crushing.

3. Psychological Disorders

When it comes to psychological disorders, what does workers’ compensation cover and how does the process work?

In most cases, it must be proven that the psychological issue, such as anxiety, was caused or exacerbated by your job or the company. If your anxiety is directly related to your duties, a specific incident, or can be proven to be due to an abnormal work environment, you have a solid case. In this scenario, you need to find a workers’ comp psychologist who specializes in the type of treatment you need.

4. Fatal Injuries

In the most unfortunate cases, unsafe work environments, accidents, or psychological issues can lead to death. Depending on the circumstances and what lead to the fatal accident or death, workers’ comp may or may not provide compensation to the surviving family members. Typically, these funds also go toward the payment for funeral and burial services as well.

5. Lawsuits

What does workers’ compensation cover in terms of lawsuits?

In the event that you’ve been injured due to your employer’s negligence, you may need to sue for the compensation you deserve. Workplace accidents are one thing, but accidents that should have been prevented by your employer are quite another. The policy should cover everything from court and attorney fees to final settlements.

Have You Been Injured at Work?

If you’ve recently been involved in a workplace accident, you need to make sure you get the medical attention you need immediately.

Call 1-800-897-8440 to find a workers’ comp psychologist near you who can help. And be sure to check out some of our other articles that may help answer the question “What does workers’ compensation cover?” in even more detail!


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