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PTSD From Work: How to File Workers’ Comp for PTSD in New York?

PTSD from work

Work is hard, even for those of us who love the work we do on a daily basis. Sometimes through a combination of work, life, personal stressors, and various external factors, it can all become a bit too much.

While not entirely prevalent yet, PTSD from work is something that is being increasingly recognized as a legitimate workplace injury.

PTSD, otherwise known as a post-traumatic stress disorder, is a condition of the mind in which a person has witnessed or experienced a severe or traumatic happening.

You may be thinking, what does this have to do with workers’ compensation?

Well, if you experience a traumatic event while you are at work, the PTSD that results from it can now likely be covered by your workers’ compensation.

Read on to learn more about work-related PTSD and how to file a workers’ comp claim in New York.

PTSD From Work: An Overview

If you find yourself having some of the signs and symptoms of PTSD, be sure to immediately seek medical treatment.

PTSD is nothing to take lightly or attempt to simply ignore. Prolonging the time between your PTSD beginning and receiving help for it can cause an increase in your feelings of anxiety and stress. Additionally, it can make your treatment take longer and put your workers’ compensation claim in doubt.

There are a variety of workers’ comp psychologists out there trained to deal with such conditions, and it would be prudent to reach out to one as soon as you recognize the need for one.

Workplace PTSD: What Does It Look Like?

You may be wondering how someone could even get PTSD from work. It’s a good question.

Some jobs, naturally, are far more likely to include traumatic experiences. These jobs include public safety jobs such as firefighters and police officers, detectives and investigators as well, among many others occupations. With that said, virtually any job that is dangerous or high pressure can place a worker in danger of developing PTSD.

PTSD is normally onset by a serious triggering event, such as some sort of bad accident or other scary and serious situation. The severity of the mental and physical symptoms of PTSD will cause many to be unable to execute their job functions adequately.

Workers' Compensation For PTSD In NY

PTSD can stand on its own as a workers’ compensation claim. It is often brought in conjunction with a related physical injury and/or other mental health conditions. It is typical for a worker to heal from the physical injuries of an accident but still need many years after the fact to heal from PTSD.

When the injury sustained by the employee is just PTSD, this is still okay from a claim standpoint. Oftentimes, someone who is only bringing a PTSD claim will have witnessed an accident of some kind but was not necessarily involved.

If you think you may have PTSD due to a workplace incident, be sure to get in touch with a workers’ comp doctor as soon as possible. This is so important because there are rules about reporting workplace injuries. Your employer and your physician will likely provide you with the necessary forms to get your workers’ compensation claim set in motion.

The benefits you can receive from workers’ compensation can include paid time off, treatment payment and resources, lost wages, and even continuing treatment in some cases.

Find Your Doctor

Whether you have PTSD from work or another mental or physical injury, it is so important that you get the treatment you need and that your employer pays what the law requires.

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