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Help, a Box Fell on Me! Top 5 Ways to Deal With a Blunt Force Injury At Work

Head Injury at Work

Statistics report that thousands of non-fatal workplace injuries happen each year in New York.

One of these types of injuries is what you might have just experienced. A box falling on your head! Or onto some other part of your body.

While a box falling onto someone might sound like a mild accident, depending on the weight of the box, and where it hits you, you could end up with a couple of painful injuries.

If you need help treating a blunt force injury—read on. We are about to walk you through 5 ways tips for a speedy recovery.

1. Apply Ice

The type of injury that occurs when something like a box falls on you is usually a blunt force injury. This causes bruising, swelling and pain, but in most cases no broken skin.

If you have received a blunt force injury the first thing you need to do is put ice on it. This will help to halt swelling, and with that reduce the pain.

Do not apply ice directly onto your skin. Instead, wrap ice or ice packs into a towel. This will protect your skin from ice burns.

Apply ice as soon as possible after the injury for roughly 20 minutes. Repeat every two hours for a few days after the injury.

2. Elevate Your Injury

Another way to reduce swelling from a blunt force injury is to elevate the affected area. This enhances blood flow.

Aim to get the affected body part above your heart. If it is your foot or leg that is bruised, try to lie down with it resting on something that will keep it raised above the level of your heart.

If your head is what’s affected, and you want to lie down, avoid flat pillows and aim to keep your head propped up.

3. Apply Compression

Another way to discourage swelling is to apply compression to the injured area. If there is broken skin and bleeding, this can also slow blood loss.

Use a soft bandage and securely wrap the injured area. Avoid making the bandage too tight, as this could make things worse. In the case of any severe bleeding, however, you might want to apply a tourniquet.

4. Seek Medical Help

If you are experiencing anything other than mild pain, you should also seek medical assistance.

If the box fell on you at work, then you will also be eligible for workers’ compensation. To start the process, notify your employer of your injury. Then you will need to select a registered workers’ comp doctor.

To help you in your search, you can browse our NY workers’ comp physician listings.

5. Rest Your Body

Lastly, for any type of injury, even if it is not very severe, remember that you need to rest. Rest and relaxation will help your body to repair itself as quickly as possible.

Get Your Blunt Force Injury Treated

Now that you know what to do about a blunt force injury, do not waste any time in treating it. Prompt treatment means less swelling, less pain, and quicker recovery times.

Call 1-800-897-8440 to find an experienced workers’ compensation doctor near you today. Get help now and get on your road to recovery!