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5 Slip and Fall Injury Facts Everyone Should Know: Get Serious About Fall Prevention

fall injury

Slip and fall injuries are unfortunately common in the home and the workplace. There are risks in both settings that lead to people of all ages getting injured.

Adults and especially seniors can get seriously injured from the impact of falling.

However, did you know there are ways you can prevent falls? There are steps you can take to be safer at work and at home.

Keep reading to learn more about the risks of a fall injury and what to do when it happens.  

1. Falls Cause Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries include concussions, skull fractures, bleeding, and more. Whenever the brain gets injured, there’s no telling how long it will take to recover. Or, if it will recover at all.

The most common cause of traumatic brain injuries is falling.

These accidents range from slipping on ice to falling in the shower. When your head collides with the wall or floor, you’re at risk for a brain injury.

2. Your Diet Affects Your Risk of Falling

Did you know that being deficient in some nutrients can make you more prone to fall injuries? This is especially true for seniors.

When adults are deficient in vitamin D and calcium, their bones are weaker. They are more prone to bones cracking, softening bones, and weak bones which make falling more common.

You can get vitamin D in supplement form as well as from fish and cheese.

3. Your Home Can Be Fall-Proof

When you’re prone to fall injuries, your home can feel like a minefield. Getting from the couch to the bathroom is risky.

Luckily, there are tons of tools that make your home safer. These include things like grab bars, railings, brighter light bulbs, and traction mats in the bathtub.

You can also focus on decluttering your home. Removing boxes and bags from walkways makes it less likely for you to trip.

4. Construction Has Highest Number of Workplace Falls

Many industries create fall injury risks for their workers — however, none caused as many fall injuries as the construction industry.

There were 24,160 fall injuries from falling in construction in 2017. New York had one of the deadliest years when it came to construction accidents.

Employers are obligated to make workplaces safe and train staff on safety measures. Employees are responsible for following health and safety rules and for protecting themselves with PPE.

5. Falls Can Lead to Hospitalization

When a toddler falls, they might cry for a few minutes but then they get back up. When adults and seniors fall, they can end up in the hospital.

Risks of fall injuries need to be taken seriously. These types of injuries can have lifelong effects, cause permanent disabilities, loss of employment, and more.

Do You Need Treatment for Your Fall Injury?

Have you fallen recently? Your fall injury could be causing pain, stress, and tension.

It’s crucial you find a qualified injury doctor to assess your injury and provide treatment. Waiting to get medical help could make the injury worse.

Call 1-800-897-8400 to help you find an experienced doctor near you today!