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What is the Average Workers’ Comp Back Injury Settlement?

How Much Is My Back Injury Worth?

Back injuries are some of the most common injuries after a workers’ compensation accident. If your work involves heavy lifting, dangerous equipment, or prolonged standing, back injuries may develop. On-the-job accidents frequently result in back pain, and these injuries can be quite severe if left untreated.

If you have a back injury from work, you may wonder what the extent of compensation available to you is. We will discuss back injuries and what you can expect from the settlement process.

Average Settlement for Back Injuries

According to a survey conducted by, the average compensation for back injuries in workers’ comp cases was $23,600. It can take a while to get a settlement, however.

The same survey showed that it took, on average, 17.9 months to resolve back injury claims. Depending on how bad your injuries are or what the exact circumstances of your case are, your settlement may be lower or higher and could take anywhere from a few months to years to resolve.

An experienced back injury physician can evaluate your injuries and tell you what kind if any, restrictions you will have on work and daily activities. These are factors that may affect your settlement because it can contribute to increased time off work and permanent disability.

Common Back Injuries

There are many different types of back injuries, all with varying degrees of severity and symptoms. Heavy lifting over some time may cause strain to the back muscles or connective tissue, resulting in pain and inflammation.

Back pain can also result from damage to the vertebral discs and surrounding nerves. Stress fractures or arthritis can cause bone and joint pain. If you have any pain, swelling, or stiffness in your back, see a doctor for examination and diagnosis. Back pain may require treatment from physical therapy to surgery.

Factors That Influence Settlement Amounts for Back Injuries

  • The kind of injuries you have. The nature and severity of your injuries will dictate what amount you will get in settlement. Injuries that are more severe and require more medical treatment will result in a larger claim for compensation, as the medical expenses and treatment costs will be higher. In addition, more severe injuries may result in more time off work and potential disability for extended periods of time.


  • How much work you miss. Part of settlement amounts typically includes compensation for days missed from work due to injury. If you have had to miss several days of work due to your injury, this can result in a higher settlement amount than if you only had to miss a few days.


  • Whether you can work or have restrictions on your work abilities. If you cannot work at all or you can only work with certain restrictions (such as limited lifting or standing), then your settlement amount could include amounts for the lost earning capacity or missed days from work.


  • Whether you are permanently disabled. If you are permanently disabled, then you may get a higher settlement due to the increased amount of workers’ comp benefits for those who are permanently disabled.

What Should You Do If You Have a Back Injury After a Workplace Accident?

  • Tell your employer about the accident. After an accident at work, it is essential to report the accident and your injuries to your employer. This ensures that you will not be denied workers’ compensation for failing to report the accident, and this way, you can start the process.


  • Seek medical attention. If your pain and injuries are severe, call an ambulance or go to the hospital to be evaluated. If your injuries are minor or you do not feel much pain, make an appointment to see a doctor as soon as possible. It may take some time for your injuries to fully develop, so it is vital to seek treatment quickly.


  • File a workers’ comp claim immediately. After reporting your injury to your employer, file a workers’ comp claim to begin the process. The earlier you file, the better.


  • Keep your employer updated about any changes to your injuries or ability to work. If there are any changes to your condition or you develop new or worsening symptoms, report these to your employer. Let your doctor know about any new symptoms so that he or she can document this on your medical records and update treatment accordingly.


  • Keep records of any medical visits or documentation related to your claim. It may be helpful to keep a file of all records related to your workers’ comp claim, including insurance documents, medical records, and any other relevant documentation. Request a copy of any records for your files.


Back Injury? Call an Experienced Workers’ Comp Doctor Today

If you have a back injury, your proper diagnosis and expert treatment from a trusted physician.

Workers’ Compensation doctors that are listed in our directory have a long history of working with injured workers, and we have an outstanding reputation for doing the right by the injured workers. They will evaluate and diagnose you with expert precision, and develop a proper treatment plan to get you healed as quickly as possible.

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