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Bronx No-Fault Neurologist: Healing After A Car Accident

Neurologist in The Bronx Who Takes No-fault

The Bronx has always been an exciting place, full of creativity and innovation.

The Bronx is most famous as the birthplace of hip hop, invented as a fusion of the musical influence of the local Jamaican community and classic American styles. It is less well known that salsa was also created in the Bronx, drawing its influence from the significant Puerto Rican community in New York.

Along with music and dance, the Bronx has also been a place of great literary achievement. Edgar Allen Poe lived in the Bronx and wrote several of his finest works in this borough of New York City.

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, then the Bronx is also a good place to be while you’re seeking treatment.

Read on to learn about how you can find the best Bronx no-fault neurologist near you.

What Is No-Fault Insurance? What Does It Cover?

No-fault insurance is also known as personal injury protection insurance or PIP. It gets its name from the fact that it covers your medical expenses in a car accident, no matter who is at fault for the accident.

Most types of insurance, if you’re at fault for a car accident, won’t cover you. Sometimes you can be ruled as at fault in a car accident incorrectly, even though it’s not actually your fault. In these cases, you’d be out of luck with regular insurance.

With no-fault insurance, on the other hand, there’s no need to worry. No-fault insurance will cover your medical expenses even if you are ruled to be at fault, correctly or not.

The downside to no-fault insurance is that your insurance rates will probably go up if you’re in an accident, even if you’re not at fault.

Not all doctors accept no-fault insurance, so it’s important to find a no-fault doctor who does so you can get the best treatment available.

Common Auto Accident Injuries in Bronx, NY

According to the American Bankruptcy Institute, there are five common classes of car accident injuries. They are soft tissue injuries, scrapes and cuts, head injuries, chest injuries, and limb injuries.

A neurologist is most likely to be necessary to treat any head injuries you might have received. At the same time, if you received any kind of nerve damage from chest or limb injuries, a neurologist may be necessary then as well.

Car Accident Doctors in Bronx, NY


What Does a Neurologist Do?

Neurologists specialize in treating the brain and nervous system. The nervous system includes the spine, as well as all the nerves which come out from the spine and extend throughout the body.

Neurologists commonly treat problems like strokes, headache disorders, spinal cord disorders, and movement disorders, like Parkinson’s disease.

Within the general field of neurology, there are many subspecialties. These include headache medicine, geriatric neurology, child neurology, epilepsy, and more. Each subspecialty deals with different types of bodily ailments, so depending on what kind of injuries you received in your accident, you may end up seeing a different kind of neurologist.

For example, if you’ve ended up suffering recurring headaches after your accident, then a headache specialist may be best able to help you. On the other hand, if you’re having trouble exerting fine motor control over your muscles, then a neuromuscular neurologist might be a better bet.

The first neurologist you see might be a general neurologist who can help you figure out what kind of subspecialist you need to receive treatment form. In your first appointment, your neurologist may ask you about your symptoms.

You should tell them if you’re suffering any headaches, muscle control problems, or shaking hands.

Your doctor will then probably test your body, checking your reflexes and coordination. Depending on your symptoms, you may have to receive further tests to figure out exactly how you’ve been injured.

In some cases, you’ll need a lumbar puncture. A lumbar puncture helps diagnose your injuries by measuring your spinal fluid. To reach your spinal fluid, you will first be given a numbing shot, and then a needle will take a sample of spinal fluid out of your spine.

Finding a Neurologist in the Bronx

After a car accident in the Bronx, you might be tempted to use google to find a neurologist near you. The problem is, Google has so much information to show you that it can take hours to sift through it all.

First, you have to make sure you look only at doctors in the Bronx. Second, you have to make sure that they accept no-fault insurance. After that, you have to winnow the results down to just neurologists.

Even after all that, you then have to figure out which doctor can provide the highest quality of care to you. Google is a powerful tool and you can certainly find what you’re looking for eventually. On the other hand, you can use this free Find a No-fault Doctor tool.

This tool is designed specifically for finding doctors of whatever specialty you need, all in the New York area. You can search for doctors by borough, specialty, and by whether or not they accept no-fault insurance.

It also provides plenty of other useful information. You can check the exact working locations of each doctor, which languages they speak, and how you can book an appointment with them as soon as possible.


Car Accident Neurologist

Find The Best Bronx No-Fault Neurologist for Your Recovery

We hope you learned something helpful about the Bronx no-fault neurologists in this brief piece. To learn more about finding the best doctors for an accident in the Bronx, check out our blog.

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