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Brooklyn Pain Management: Can It Help After A Work-Related Injury?

Pain Management Workers' Compensation Doctor

There has been an increase in reported work-related accidents in Brooklyn and other New York boroughs, especially in the construction industry. Work injuries can range from minor to severe. Whenever there is an injury, there is usually pain involved as well. 

Pain is defined as an unpleasant sensation that causes mild to severe discomfort caused by a bodily disorder. Pain can range from acute (short duration) to chronic (long-lasting and difficult to control).  If conventional means fail to help the pain, then a pain management doctor may be needed.   


What is Pain Management?

Pain management is a medical specialty that focuses on the evaluation, treatment, and prevention of pain.  A doctor that specializes in pain management is known as a pain management specialist. 

Pain management specialists usually serve as a consultant to other doctors. This means they are called upon by the primary doctor to help with just the pain aspect of the injury

Neck and Back Injuries

If your job requires you to lift, pull, push, and carry, to name a few, then you are at risk of neck and back injuries. 

These injuries can range from minor to severe.  Muscles and bones can be injured while working.  The majority of injuries will also cause some form of pain. 

The pain may also be mild to severe,  and the duration can range from a short period to the long term

Post-Trauma Pain

Some work-related injuries will involve trauma. 

Some examples are falls, hit by objects, and auto collisions, to name a few. 

Work areas are filled with objects and situations where falls may occur. You may trip on a rug, or you may fall from a faulty ladder.

Falling objects are another danger. You may work construction, and a pipe falls at hits your head. You may be a delivery truck driver and have a car accident

All these examples will more than likely cause some form of trauma, which in turn can cause pain.

Neurogenic Pain

This type of pain is caused by nerve damage.  Nerve damage occurs when the nerve is compressed or traumatized. 

Individuals with nerve pain can feel it in different ways. Stabbing, burning, prickling, and piercing can all be felt with nerve pain. This pain occurs with pinched nerves as well as crushing injuries to the nerves. 

These types of injuries can occur from collisions, falls from high platforms, or repetitive movements, to name a few.   

How Can Brooklyn Pain Management Doctor Help After an Injury?

Pain management specialists use a variety of techniques and procedures to treat pain.  The first thing the specialist will do is pain evaluation. 

This will consist of taking a medical history, reviewing tests (MRI, X-Ray..etc.) and lab work, and performing a physical examination. 

Following the evaluation, the pain specialist will establish a treatment plan. 

This plan may consist of oral medications. The oral medications may range from over the counter pain meds such as Tylenol® and aspirin to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen, and naproxen.

Topical pain relievers such as creams and ointments can also be prescribed. Muscle relaxants are sometimes used if muscles are involved and spasms are occurring. 

Opioids (oral pain killers) are also utilized for pain management. Opioids can be beneficial in managing pain if used as directed and not abused. 

Injection therapies such as trigger point, epidural, steroid and facet joint at used. 

Along with medication, other techniques are used to manage pain. Physical therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and massage therapy are all forms of noninvasive therapies that are used in pain management.   

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