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Can a Neck Injury Cause Chest Pain?

Can neck injury cause chest pain

Injuries to the head and neck account for a disproportionate amount of emergency department cases. In fact, these injuries account for about 4.1% of these cases.

That percentage might sound low, but the numbers are high. Out of131 million emergency department visits, over 5 million of them involved head and neck injuries. These injuries can quickly and easily get serious. In fact, they can even cause chest pain. Many of our readers are asking, “Can a neck injury cause chest pain?”.

If you’re feeling chest pain after a neck injury, make sure to read the guide below and learn more about cervical radiculopathy.

What Is the Cervical Spine?

The cervical spine is the uppermost part of the spinal column. It contains seven vertebrae from C1 to C7. Between these vertebrae are intervertebral discs that cushion the vertebrae.

All parts of the spine are essential to movement and sensation. An injury to the cervical spine can cause countless issues with the rest of the body. An auto accident doctor is very familiar with injuries to this part of the spine.

What Is Cervical Radiculopathy?

Cervical radiculopathy is one type of cervical injury that can cause chest pain. It occurs when the nerves in the cervical spine are damaged or compressed. One way this can occur is after a car accident.

However, even the normal aging process can cause cervical radiculopathy. As discs sustain wear and tear over time, they and the vertebrae can move out of place and put pressure on the nerve roots.

One of the main symptoms of this condition is radiating pain that can even spread to the chest. It can also cause tingling and numbness, or even a loss of coordination.

How to Treat It

Unfortunately, spinal injuries rarely have a simple and concise solution. Instead, doctors approach them with a variety of treatment methods. Invasive surgery is the last resort for cases that have significant pressure on the nerve roots.

First, pain-relieving medication, like ibuprofen, can be used, but patients have to be careful about the dosage. Steroid injections or medications can also be taken to reduce swelling and alleviate pain.

Physical therapy and frequent neck exercises are the most effective ways to treat this condition. These exercises should not just be done in the physical therapist’s office, but regularly at home as well.

Neck and Chest Pain

Not all neck and chest pain is caused by neck injury or cervical radiculopathy. When neck and chest pain occur together, it can be a symptom of a heart attack. If you experience chest and neck pain with other heart attack symptoms, make sure to seek immediate medical assistance.

Help with Cervical Injuries

Cervical radiculopathy and cervical spine injuries are the most severe of all spinal cord injuries. They are most often the ones that cause death. Seeking immediate and proper professional medical treatment is the only way to minimize the effects of this type of injury.

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