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How to Successfully Document Your Workers’ Comp Injuries

workman's comp claim

Filing a workers’ compensation claim can be a long and exhausting process. After being injured on the job, it can come as a shock to many people they’re responsible for providing proof of their claim.

Even if you think your case seems like a commonsense issue, never make assumptions. To protect yourself and your claim, it’s vital that you provide all the proper documentation. Below is some key information you should be able to provide in support of your workers’ comp claim.

Important Documentation to Prove Your Workman's Comp Claim

You can’t be too thorough when trying to prove your workers’ compensation claim. The insurance company works for your employer in this case, not for you, so they’ll want to pay out as little as possible.

Insurance companies also want to protect themselves against fraudulent claims. To do this, they will question your workers’ comp case at every turn. You can make sure your claim is protected by having these key pieces of evidence to support you.


To prove you’re entitled to workers’ compensation, you first have to prove jurisdiction. This means you must be able to prove that your employer was operating a business and is subject to workers’ compensation laws in your state.


You must prove this employer employed you when the injury occurred. Some documents that can prove your employment include pay stubs, a contract, or another written employment agreement.

Medical Records

You must obtain medical records from all doctors and other healthcare specialists you’ve seen for the injury. This will prove that you have a legitimate medical issue that needs to receive treatment.

Medical Bills

Not only will medical bills prove that you have a legitimate injury, but they will also provide a record of the expenses you’ve had to cover. Your medical costs will help prove that you’re entitled to financial compensation.

Accident Report

If you were injured in an accident, a thorough and timely accident report should have been filed. You should be able to provide a copy of this accident report as proof of the incident.


You may also need to provide witnesses to support your claim. Some expert witnesses include your doctors, occupational experts, and economic experts. Most insurance companies will require you to have an independent medical exam (IME) by one of their doctors. Depending on the insurance company’s IME doctor’s testimony, you may want to consider getting a second opinion from another worker’s comp doctor.

Other witnesses include coworkers and eyewitnesses at the scene of an accident. They will be able to provide support for how the incident occurred.

Protect Your Workman's Comp Claim

Dealing with an injury and a workers’ comp claim can be a difficult experience.

You’ll need plenty of documentation to back up your case. Even though it might seem obvious that you deserve compensation, you’ll need to be prepared to prove that to the insurance company.

Being treated by a trusted workers’ compensation doctor can make your case much easier.

Contact us today ay 1-800-897-8440 or book an appointment with an experienced workers’ comp doctor near you and get on the road to recovery!