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Knee Injuries From Falling: Consequences of a Bad Fall

knee injuries from falling

Falls are a normal part of life, and if you work in an active job, you may be at risk of falls more often. And while most of us can get up and go about our day with no problem, some falls can cause more serious injuries. In particular, knee injuries from falling are common and problematic.

If you’ve fallen recently and your knee is bothering you, you may need to see a doctor. Read on to learn about some of the most common knee injuries from falling.


If you fall on your knees too hard, it is possible to fracture your kneecaps. You may also break the ends of your femur and tibia where they come in to meet at your knee. You have to fall from a pretty good height to fracture your knees, or it can sometimes happen in car accidents.


If the bones of your knee get out of place, that’s called a dislocation. If you have some sort of abnormal knee structure, you could dislocate your knees on a regular basis. But assuming your knees are normal, falling down could cause you to dislocate your knee.

ACL Injuries 

Your anterior cruciate ligament is sort of a thin rubber band that helps hold your knees together and provide stability. If you change direction too quickly or land badly from a jump, you could tear your ACL. This injury is common in athletes who participate in demanding sports like soccer and football.

PCL Injuries 

Your posterior cruciate ligament is another one of those rubber band-like ligaments that keeps your knee moving the way it should. This ligament can get injured when your knee is bent and gets hit hard from the front.

PCL tears are usually partial and can heal on their own, unlike ACL tears, which often require surgery to replace the ligament.

Tendon Tears

You have a variety of tendons in your knee that also help to keep your knees together and stable. Anyone can strain these tendons, but tears tend to be more common among older adults. Falls can cause them, as well as participation in running or jumping sports.

Meniscal Tears

Your meniscus is a sort of pad that helps cushion and provide support to the bones in your knee. If you twist or pivot during a fall, your meniscus may tear. Meniscus tears can also be a result of normal aging or arthritis.

Learn More About Knee Injuries from Falling

There are a number of common knee injuries from falling that could cause you problems. If you’ve recently experienced a fall and your knee hurts or feels unsteady, go see your knee doctor. You don’t want to let something like a torn ACL or a dislocation go untreated.

If you have a knee injury, get in touch with us at Injured Call Today. We can help you find a doctor and book an appointment, as well as manage things like slip and fall accidents, auto accidents, and worker’s comp injuries.

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