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How To Find A Doctor In Manhattan Who Accepts No-Fault Insurance

Manhattan No-Fault Doctors

Manhattan was originally purchased in 1609 by Peter Minuit for $24 worth of beads. It is home to the famous Grand Central Terminal, which is located at the 42nd street because trains were banned south of 42nd street.

Not everyone knows, but there’s actually a secret 6 and a half street that is hidden between Sixth and Seventh Avenues. Curiously, there is also a Main Street in Manhattan, but it’s actually located off the island. Across the East River on Roosevelt Island, you’ll find what is legally Manhattan’s Main Street.

Fortunately for the residents, there are also many quality Manhattan no-fault doctors to look after their health. Read on to learn everything you need to know about finding a great doctor in Manhattan who accepts no-fault insurance.

What Is No-Fault Insurance?

No-fault insurance is also known as personal injury protection insurance or PIP. No-fault insurance covers or helps to cover your medical expenses and damage to your car if you are in a covered accident.

No-fault insurance helps cover you even if you are the one who is found to be at fault in the accident. This feature is what gives no-fault insurance its common name. Most other insurances won’t cover you if you are found to be at fault for an auto accident.

Common Auto Accident Injuries

It comes as no surprise that car accidents are extremely messy affairs, and commonly cause a long list of injuries.

Some of the most common car crash injuries are whiplash, knee trauma, herniated discs, internal bleeding, head injuries, and broken bones, especially the ribs. Naturally, you’ll almost inevitably also have some scapes, cuts, or bruises after walking away from a car crash.

Whiplash is a famous injury claimed by people in court looking to sue for damages. While this has given it a bit of a reputation as a made-up injury, it is absolutely a real condition.

When your body is abruptly arrested in its momentum by a car crash, your head is often thrown forward at great speed. This quickly stretches and often even tears the tendons and muscles in your neck.

However, just because you have neck pain after a car crash doesn’t mean you have whiplash. If your doctor specifically diagnoses you with whiplash, then you probably have it. But if you just have neck pain, you shouldn’t assume its whiplash.

Typical No-Fault Doctor Specialties

No-fault insurance may cover your medical expenses, but not every doctor is part of the no-fault insurance system. After an accident, you need to find doctors who accept no-fault insurance to treat you.

Googling for “no-fault doctor near me,” might get you started, but you can also use this free physician search tool to help you find no fault doctors in the Manhattan area.

There, you’ll be able to search through many no-fault doctors, as well as easily view their working locations, phone numbers, and specialties. Finding a no-fault doctor is one thing, but you also have to find one that is highly skilled in treating your particular injuries. You can even book an appointment with your doctor right from the site.


You’ll want to look for a neurologist in Manhattan if you’ve suffered an injury to your central nervous system. If you’re suffering from headaches, numbness, or tingling, a neurologist is your best bet to help you recover.

Orthopedic Surgeon

Orthopedic surgeons work with the musculoskeletal system, which is made up of your muscles and your bones. It can also include ligaments, tendons, and other tissues that connect your bones and muscles.

An orthopedic doctor can help you with broken bones or sprained joints, as well as with muscle tears and dislocated joints.


Chiropractors are specially trained to detect any misaligned bones in your spine and then gently apply pressure to help your spine return to proper alignment.

If you’re suffering chronic back pain, muscle strain, a stiff neck, or constant tension headaches, then a chiropractor may be able to help.

Proper treatment from a chiropractor can even help your immune system function better and your blood pressure to stay at a healthy level.

Pain Management

Pain management doctors use various types of injections and other techniques to help address chronic or acute pain in your body. A good pain management doctor is key for you to be able to treat pain and relax, without accidentally ending up addicted to your medications.

A pain management doctor in Manhattan can even help you find lifestyle changes that can reduce your pain.


Sometimes, the damage suffered by the mind is greater than the damage suffered by the body after a car crash. It is not uncommon for car crash victims to suffer from phobias or PTSD after a car crash.

PTSD can lead to flashbacks to the accident and mental pain when reminded about it. Phobias can also make a person too fearful to drive or ride in a car. A good no-fault psychologist can help you return to full functioning and put your trauma behind you.

Physical Therapy

If you’ve suffered a tendon tear or muscle strain in your accident, then you’ll need to be careful about using it for a while.

A good NYC physical therapist who accepts no-fault insurance can help you ease back into full use of your body in a way that accelerates rather than slows your recovery.

Physiatrist (PM&R)

In cases where other doctors might use a surgery, a physiatrist may be able to help you return your body to its former glory without it. Physiatrists use a non-surgical approach to rehabilitation and recovery.

How Can a No-Fault Doctor Help After an Auto Accident Injury?

If you have no-fault insurance, then you’ll definitely want to find the best no-fault doctor available. After a car crash in Manhattan, you may too many aches, pains, and injuries to keep track of.

A good no-fault doctor is essential for you to be able to diagnose any injuries you have received and treat them effectively, all without breaking the bank.

Find the Best Manhattan No-Fault Doctors For Your Treatment

We hope you learned something helpful about what no-fault doctors do in this brief piece. To learn more about types of injuries and accidents and how you can find the best doctors to help treat you, check out our blog

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