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Pain Management in the Bronx, NY: Can it Help After a Car Accident Injury?

Bronx Pain Management Doctor Who Accepts No-Fault Insurance

There were 31,966 car crashes in the Bronx in just one year (source NYS Dept of Health). Auto accidents almost always involve some type of pain. This pain can range from minor pain that only lasts a short period to sever pain or long-lasting pain. 

A pain management doctor is a medical specialist that treats and relieves pain.  If conventional treatments fail to relieve or reduce the pain, then a pain management specialist may be required.

What Role Does the Pain Management Doctor Play After a Car Injury?

Pain Management is a field of medicine that specializes in the evaluation, treatment, and prevention of pain.  The pain management doctor is usually consulted by the primary doctor or physiatrist to manage the pain aspects of the auto injury. 

Some of the most common auto accident injuries where the pain is a significant symptom involve post-trauma, back and neck injuries, and nerve pain.  

Pain After a Traumatic Event

Traumatic events happen daily and vary from minor to severe.  Some of the most traumatic events occur with auto accidents. 

When trauma is involved, unfortunately, then the pain is also involved. Pain and injury are not selective when it comes to a car collision. 

Any and all body parts are at risk of injury.  The more severe the injuries, the more of a factor pain becomes. 

The pain can occur as soon as the injuries occur or the pain may not show up for hours to days following the accident. 

The pain can be short-lived or turn in to chronic pain.  A Bronx pain management specialist can treat all types of pain.  Commonly chronic pain that doesn’t respond to conventional means is when a pain specialist is called upon.

Auto Injuries Involving the Back and Neck

The force exerted during an auto accident can seriously damage the neck and back. These two areas are very sensitive to the sudden force.

During a car collision, the opposing force causes the body to move swiftly in that direction. Considering that space is limited inside an automobile, that sudden forward movement is going to stop. The seat belt, steering wheel, or dashboard is going to halt that forward motion of the body.

That trauma and force generate extreme pressure on the back and neck causing injury. Some common injuries that occur in this situation are whiplash, herniated discs, lumbar sprains, and spinal stenosis to list a few.

Nerve Pain Following an Auto Accident

Nerve pain is usually caused by nerve damage.  Nerve damage typically occurs when trauma, stretching, or compression occurs.  Symptoms of nerve pain can range from piercing, burning, and stabbing.

During an auto collision, the trauma and force applied to the body can cause nerves to be stretched, pinched, or compressed.  

Does No-Fault Insurance Cover Pain Management?

Yes, pain management and other medical services are covered by New York no-fault insurance and NJ PIP.

Before you visit a pain management doctor in the Bronx, make sure that his or her office accepts No-fault insurance.

A Bronx Pain Management Specilaist Can Be Help After an Auto Accident Injury

Pain management specialists are trained to treat and manage pain after an auto accident.

The specialist will do a pain evaluation with the first visit. The doctor will go over your medical history, lab and test results, accident details, and perform a physical examination. Following this evaluation, the pain specialist will develop a pain treatment plan.

This plan may consist of medications such as topical pain relievers, muscle relaxants, opioids, and injections.

Other pain-reducing methods may also be recommended, such as hot and cold therapy, physical therapy, massage therapy, and chiropractic care.

How to find Good Pain Management Doctors in the Bronx

Many people ask “ How Do I find a good Pain Management doctor in the Bronx?” – we have you covered, simply call 1-800-897-8440 or fill out the form below today to be connected with top pain doctors in the Bronx. All of the pain management doctors listed in our free directory accept no-fault insurance. Don’t wait; call us today and get the help you deserve!


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