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Are Work-Related Anxiety Injuries Compensable?

work-related anxiety

In Americans, 3.5% of adults have experienced PTSD in the past year. This translates to around 8 million people. Work is stressful, sure. But when work begins to negatively impact your mental health because of an unsafe or overly demanding environment? That’s nothing to joke about. Work-related anxiety, or a stress disorder, may be the result […]

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Dealing With Emotional Distress After an Accident

man with PTSD after an accident at work

Accidents happen every day. Whether they are vehicular collisions, pedestrian incidents, work-related accidents, or slips and falls, an accident can strike at any time. What is most terrifying about accidents is not only how easily they can happen but that there is no way to prepare yourself for an accident or any injuries you may sustain. This is true whether you were technically to blame for the accident or not.

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