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Are Work-Related Anxiety Injuries Compensable?

work-related anxiety
In Americans, 3.5% of adults have experienced PTSD in the past year. This translates to around 8 million people. Work is stressful, sure. But when work begins to negatively impact your mental health because of an unsafe or overly demanding environment? That’s nothing to joke about. Work-related anxiety, or a stress disorder, may be the result of situations your employer places you in. These mental injuries could also be the result of another on-the-job injury. You may be eligible for workers’ compensation for stress and anxiety.

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What is Work-Related Anxiety and PTSD?

Feelings of constant or intense worried thoughts can get in the way of everyday life. The mental, emotional, and physical symptoms that follow with constant tension, may be diagnosed as anxiety by a doctor.

PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, is an anxiety disorder that links directly to an event, like a crime, trauma, or a disaster, or an accident.

PTSD or anxiety that links directly to work you’ve done for an employer, or an accident at work, may fall under the umbrella of work-related anxiety.

What is Workers' Comp in New York State?

Worker’s compensation is insurance that employers pay for. This insurance provides benefits to cover potential medical care for workers who are injured or become sick in a way that is directly tied to their job.

Many things go into a workers’ comp case.

If your work-related injury was related to being intoxicated at work, from drugs or alcohol, you will almost automatically not be able to get a workers’ compensation settlement. It is also generally accepted that if you were trying to hurt yourself or someone else, then you will also not be eligible.

So who is?

A worker who can prove that their injury, physical or mental (like anxiety or PTSD), is a direct result of their work may have a case.

Steps to Filing for Workers Comp for Stress and Anxiety

When you are injured, you will have up to 30 days to let your employer know. As with any injury, seeking medical attention is important.

In New York State, you should seek a workers’ comp doctor that the NYS Worker’s Compensation Board has authorized in their network. In the case of anxiety and PTSD, finding a workers’ comp psychologist is important.

As long as the doctor is a part of the NYS WCB, they will file their claim with the board, and you won’t owe at the time.

Finally, you will have to file an official employee claim.

Let Us Help You File Your Claim

If you have experienced anxiety or PTSD due to a work-related injury, you may be able to be compensated financially by workers’ comp insurance.

Being injured on the job in New York state, it can be tricky to know how to file correctly to put yourself in the best chances of getting compensation.

We can help walk you through the steps to a successful workers’ comp case and let you know if your work-related anxiety or PTSD is compensable.

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