List of PAIN MANAGEMENT Workers’ Compensation Doctors

Injured at work? Find NYS WCB Authorized Physicians specializing in PAIN MANAGEMENT that treat work-related accidents and illness.

Pain Management is a branch of medicine that focuses on easing the suffering and improving the quality of life for individuals with chronic pain.  Pain management is also referred to as pain medicine, pain control, or Algiatry. The medical doctor that specializes in pain management is known as a pain management specialist.

Typically the management of pain is done involving a team of specialists.  This team usually includes the pain management specialist, pharmacist, psychologist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, nurses, and mental health physician. Some conditions that a pain management team typically treat are chronic pain relief from suffering during treatments, healing, and death.  Pain that lasts longer than 2-3 months is considered chronic pain.

Chronic pain can result from many factors.

Two common causes are work-related injuries and automobile accidents.  It is quite common and unavoidable, but work-related injuries do occur.  This is the reason that every business with active employees is required to have workers compensation insurance. Pain management is generally covered by workers’ compensation insurance.  Pain management falls under two workers’ compensation categories.  One is it’s a medical treatment that prescribes pain medication for injury treatment. The second category is interventional treatment by the use of injections and other procedures to treat the pain.  Injuries caused by auto accidents also benefit from pain management.  Some common injuries caused by a car accident are whiplash, neck pain, back pain, broken bones, and headache to name a few.  Recovery from these injuries can be short term or prolonged depending on the severity of the injury.  If pain after a car accident lasts longer than 2-3 months, then pain management may be necessary.

Whether it’s an injury suffered from a car accident or a work-related injury, pain management specialists will offer a combination of therapies.  These therapies include oral pain medicine, nerve block injections, physical therapy, and acupuncture to name a few. Pain management specialists typically work in hospitals, private offices, and pain management clinics.

Most New York pain management doctors accept workers’ compensation, medical liens, and no-fault insurance.

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