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Chiropractor in The Bronx: Can Chiropractic Care Help You After an Auto Accident?

Bronx Chiropractor Who Accepts No-Fault

Every year thousands of auto accidents occur in the Bronx. If you are involved in an auto accident and are injured, it is important to seek immediate medical treatment. Chiropractic care may not be the care you will need immediately, but it may be necessary within days, weeks and months following the accident. Chiropractors can provide care for lingering issues with the neck, back, and spine after your auto collision.

What is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care is a branch of healthcare practiced by a chiropractor. 

The chiropractor is a doctor that specializes in adjustments and manipulations of the spine and other body parts. 

Chiropractic care is focused on correcting alignment problems, pain reduction, and assisting the body to heal itself with proper alignment, exercise, and diet.

Auto Injuries That Can Benefit from Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors treat a wide range of conditions caused by auto accidents. 

One of the most common injuries is whiplash.  Whiplash occurs when the head is swiftly moved back and then forward, usually with a rear-end collision. 

Other conditions commonly treated by the chiropractors in the Bronx are back pain, sciatica (pain caused by the sciatic nerve that runs from the lower back down both legs), neck pain, herniated discs, and headaches to name a few. 

Auto accidents commonly involve injury to the spine. Muscles provide movement and support for the spine.  Ligaments provide the majority of spine support. 

Certain automobile accidents can cause stretching and tearing of these ligaments and muscles. Once these muscles and ligaments are damaged, they loosen, which causes the spine to become out of alignment. 

When the spine is out of alignment, it causes pain, disc irritation, pinched nerves, and decreased motion. 

How can a Bronx Chiropractor Help With Auto Accident Injuries?

In chiropractic care, a wide range of equipment and techniques are used.  These techniques are focused on pain reduction and healing. 

The use of spinal manipulation by the chiropractor can help reduce and/or eliminate pain and restore proper body alignment. 

Other types of care involve massage therapy, exercise, and nutritional counseling to facilitate healing. 

Chiropractors often work with other medical professionals, like orthopedics, pain management doctors, neurologists, and physical therapists, in multi-specialty medical clinics

Chiropractic treatments focus on realigning the musculoskeletal system, joint mobility, nerve decompression, and the promotion of muscle healing.

What Can I Expect at a Chiropractor Appointment?

A chiropractor appointment is similar to any other healthcare appointment.  You will initially be asked to complete a health questionnaire to help familiarize the staff of your medical history, work history,  and your injuries. 

Next, a physical exam will be performed to assess your range of movement, strength, and reflexes.

The chiropractic doctor will closely asses the spine and neck, which is the main area of chiropractic care and any other areas needed. 

An x-ray of your spine most likely will be performed.  This will help the doctor to understand your spine anatomy. 

One of the first techniques that may be performed is a spine adjustment depending on your x-ray and if it would be beneficial to your condition. 

After this initial visit, the chiropractor may recommend multiple sessions depending on your conditions and the treatment plan created by the chiropractor.     

Does Insurance Pay for Chiropractic Care After An Auto Accident?

Yes, chiropractic treatment is covered under the New York no-fault insurance. Make sure to ask your Bronx chiropractor if he or she accepts no-fault insurance

All of the doctors listed on our site accept no-fault insurance, call 1-800-897-8440 today to make your appointment.

Chiropractor in The Bronx

Can a Chiropractor Help After an Auto Accident Injury?

The answer is, “Yes.” 

Chiropractic care can be a drug-free way to manage pain.  Anytime pain medication such as opioids can be avoided, the less chance that addiction may occur. 

Typically traditional medicine attempts to mask pain symptoms with medication. 

Chiropractic care attempts to treat the underlying cause of the pain and eliminate it. 

Another fact is that pain meds do not help lost mobility or alignment issues.  If you have been involved in an auto accident, do not wait for medical treatment. 

Prompt chiropractic care can help assist the body’s natural healing process and avoid chronic pain and other health issues.    

"How Do I Find The Right Chiropractor in The Bronx?"

Our visitors ask, “How Do I Find The Right Chiropractor in The Bronx To Treat Car Accident Injuries?” We have the answer.

Just call out toll-free hotline today at 1-800-89708440 to find an experienced no-fault chiropractor in the Bronx who specializes in treating auto accident injuries.  


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