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Bus Accidents and Injuries: The Statistics

Traffic injuries are the eighth most common cause of death for all age groups throughout the world and the leading cause in young people ages 5-29. As the population of the world grows and more people need to get places faster, new forms of transportation become popular. 750 million people now take the bus every day, relying on it as their primary source of transportation. This popularity makes bus accidents a major concern. Regulating traditional yellow school buses, big city vehicles, and even tour buses is a necessary step to keeping the world safe. Arming yourself with knowledge is one of the best ways to prevent tragedies from happening to you or a member of your family. It’s important to know how common the incidents are and where and when they occur. Read on for all the bus accident stats you need to know and how to get a lawyer if you’re involved in one.

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Bus Accidents and Injuries Statistics

There are several types of buses in use today, and the term applies to almost any vehicle that can carry more than 10 passengers at a time. The major types include city, suburban, intercity, tour, and school.

It’s important to have accident states for as many of these different types as possible. Drivers, passengers, and pedestrians can use the information to keep themselves safe and avoid death and injury from bus accidents.

School Buses

471,461 school buses give 25 million children a ride to and from school every day. Despite every effort from drivers and lawmakers to protect them and everyone else they encounter on the road, deaths, and injuries are an unfortunate component of school bus accident statistics.

There were 117 fatal school bus crashes in 2018. Among those who died, approximately 70% were driving in another vehicle, 17% were pedestrians, 5% were passengers on the bus, 4% were the bus driver, and 2% were riding bicycles.

36% of the people involved in these incidents from 2008-2018 were passengers, 8% were bus drivers, and 51% were driving another vehicle. The rest were pedestrians, bicyclists, or using some other form of transportation.

School bus crash statistics are meant to provide information, not to serve as a scare tactic. They can still be 70 times safer than driving to school in a car because they’re designed for safety and highly regulated.

Every state has stop-arm laws to prevent bus accidents. Passengers, drivers, and pedestrians who follow these rules and all other regulations pertaining to school buses can help prevent unnecessary injuries and deaths.

Public Transportation Buses

City, suburban, intercity, and tour buses carry thousands of people to their destination every day. There is little data on whether they experience more accidents or how many of them result in fatalities. However, there is research on what may cause any accidents to occur.

Driver factors are once again the primary issue. It’s important for bus drivers and everyone they pass on the road to be as safe and careful as possible.

Alertness is the most important part of driving no matter the size of the vehicle in question. Taking your eyes off the road for any reason, whether it’s texting or answering the phone, significantly increases the likelihood of an accident.

Fatigue is a major issue as well. Drivers who are expected to work long hours and get passengers to their destination in an unreasonable amount of time are much more likely to lose focus and crash.

The route a city bus takes also determines how safe its journey will be. Factors such as traffic and twisting roadways may impede the driver’s ability.

Tour Buses

Tour bus sales bring in $101.68 billion in revenue. They’re a major part of the economy, which makes their level of safety a major concern.

No data suggest that tour buses differ greatly in terms of safety from any other type of bus. Tour bus accidents that cause death or injury are still possible, but the fact that they aren’t reported on as often suggests they occur less frequently.

Most tour buses run through reputable companies and carefully traverse through a designated route. They travel at slow speeds and may enter desolate areas to ensure that passengers can see the sights. This makes them less likely to experience a collision from causes like congestion or speeding.

Due to the growing popularity of tour buses, they have become an important component of bus crash statistics. Knowing more about them and how safe they allow you to choose the best provider for the best possible trip.

Factors Influencing Accident Severity

The shape of a bus unfortunately makes it more likely to tipping over and rolling when experiencing a collision. Individual buses differ in weight, size, and passenger capacity. These characteristics affect both the likelihood of and the potential damage resulting from bus accidents.

Studies suggest that several other factors may influence how severe bus accidents become. They include age, location, and driver behavior.

Drivers older than 55 or younger than 25 are more likely to cause a bus driver accident.

The area a bus drives through also affects the severity of any accidents that may occur. Serious bus accidents are more likely to occur at intersections or where the speed limit significantly drops or rises.

Bus accidents can occur in favorable areas under the best of conditions. Most collisions occur on clear, dry roads when visibility is great. Some other condition, such as poor driver behavior or a sudden unforeseen change in the road, is more likely to be the cause in these cases.

Driver behavior is a factor in all traffic problems, and that includes bus accidents. If the bus driver or a nearby motorist or pedestrian is inattentive or engages in risky behavior like texting or jaywalking, a crash is more likely to occur.

Even the angle of the collision makes a difference. Rear collisions cause the least amount of damage with angled or front crashes causing the most.

All drivers must be aware of these factors to avoid accidents or, at the very least, make sure they cause the least amount of damage possible.

Both passengers and drivers need to know the factors that can influence how serious bus accidents become.

Other Facts and Statistics

There are several other important bus accident facts and statistics to know. The more information you have, the more prepared you will be if a tragic situation occurs.

The Federal Motor Carrier Association lists 229 fatal bus accidents causing 44 bus passenger deaths and 244 deaths of pedestrians and occupants of other vehicles. It only includes buses that carry at least 9 people, including the driver, in these statistics, so they may not provide the full picture.

At least 25,000 people were injured in bus accidents in 2017. This includes a range of injuries, from back pain to whiplash and more.

Knowing all the necessary bus crash statistics helps prepare you in more ways than one. It lets you know how likely an accident is to occur, providing peace of mind and essential knowledge to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

Bus crash statistics can also help your case if you’re involved in an accident. You may need to take the case to court, using the relevant statistics as evidence.

What Victims of Bus Accidents Should Do

Bus crash statistics can help you realize how common a particular type of accident is and how to protect yourself, but there’s more you need to know.

The first priority for an accident victim is to protect themselves and get somewhere safe. This may involve seeing a doctor and getting any necessary medical care. It may include physical therapy, a complete physical exam, or other preventative measures.

The next important factor is the legal side of the situation. Don’t disturb the crime scene, claim to be at fault, or remove evidence. Call your insurance company as soon as possible, including your medical and vehicle insurers.

Next, find the best personal injury lawyer you can. They can help you file injury or wrongful death claims and handle any other legal issues resulting from bus accidents.

No matter what type of accident you suffer, you deserve compensation for your pain and suffering. Find out more about the many cases in which you may need a lawyer.

Where to Find a Lawyer

Bus accidents are just as serious as all other types of transportation crashes, if not more so. They all too often affect not only the people on the bus but anyone driving or walking around them.

It’s important to act quickly when anyone is injured or killed in a bus accident. The first step is to get the necessary medical care as soon as possible. The next is to find effective legal help that can help them win the case if the matter must be taken to court.

Choosing a firm for a personal injury or any other type of settlement is a critical decision, as you need to invest in someone who will fight for you. We’re experienced in helping clients win cases involving a variety of injuries.

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