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Common Construction Injuries: Staying Safe At Work

construction injuries

10 percent of construction workers are injured on the job each year. Although there are many industries that come with risks of injury, construction injury rates are 71 percent higher than the rest.

If you work in construction, there’s a good chance you have been injured on the job or you will be.

It’s vital that you’re aware of the most common construction injuries. If you can keep yourself safer on the job, you’re more likely to beat the odds.

How do you stay safer at work? What happens if you do get injured on a construction site? Keep reading to find out.

Most Common Construction Injuries

The nature of construction jobs entails a handful of recurring injuries. These relate to the equipment and machinery you work with. It also relates to the movements and actions you take.


Whether you’re on scaffolding, a roof, a crane, or a ladder, you’re at risk for falling. There are some safety measures that your employer can take to keep you safe.

For example, harnesses and providing non-slip footwear.

If your employer fails to take these steps or a genuine accident occurs, you could experience a slip and fall injury.

Equipment Accidents

The equipment you use on a construction site comes with high levels of risk. It could malfunction or an inexperienced handler could be in control.

A crane could drop its load, a nail gun could misfire, or an inexperienced forklift driver could drive into objects or people.

Some of these accidents could be fatal, others could cause serious injuries.

Run Overs

When the supervisor neglects his or her duties, other employees are at risk. Safety measures get overlooked and people get injured.

As large trucks back out of their spot on the site, workers standing in the path behind it are at risk. This is unfortunately not uncommon. Neither is getting stuck between a vehicle and a concrete wall.

These injuries are often due to supervisor neglect and inexperienced workers controlling large vehicles.

Overuse and Repetitive Motions

The final common construction injury relates to how you use your body for your job. If you’re doing a repetitive motion, like jack-hammering, in a non-ergonomic position, you could get an overuse or misuse injury.

That includes muscle strains, pinched nerves, and even joint damage. Without proper PPE, you could damage your ears, eyes, and more.

Your employer is responsible for training employees on safe equipment use as well as providing health and safety training.

What to Do If You’re Injured

The first thing to do when you’re injured on the worksite is to seek medical attention. For most construction injuries, immediate treatment prevents the injury from getting worse.

New York has an abundance of physicians with experience treating workplace injuries. However, finding the right one for you and your neighborhood can be tough.

To find a workers’ comp doctor near you with same-day availability, use our Find a Doctor tool. You’ll be connected with the local WCB doctors who are knowledgeable in workplace accidents and injuries.

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