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How To Find a Good Chiropractor in Brooklyn, NY

Chiropractors In Brooklyn NY

What if your back pain could go away after a single appointment?

While that may sound crazy, a good chiropractor can make it happen. Unfortunately, many people don’t know the first thing about how to find a good chiropractor in Brooklyn, NY.

Wondering how you can find someone to make your back pain a thing of the past? Keep reading to find out how!

Ask Your Doctor

When it comes to finding a good chiropractor in Brooklyn, you can start with a pretty simple suggestion. Try asking your primary doctor!

Your general practitioner should have a pretty good idea about which medical professionals in your community are the best. If you share your problem with the doctor and ask for a recommendation, they should be able to rattle off a few names.

Now, this isn’t the end of your search. There are many more steps before you find the perfect chiropractor. But finding one that your doctor recommends is a great first step.

Ask Everyone Else

We live in the age of crowdsourcing. Why not employ this technique with your friends and family?

Let your friends and family know that you are interested in finding a good chiropractor and ask if they have any recommendations. Now, you can sit back and wait for the good suggestions to roll in!

This method is pretty solid because you can ask friends and family follow-up questions after their initial recommendations. And you can also ask about things like the chiropractor’s personality and how friendly their staff is.

If you feel comfortable doing so, you can also pose this question to your coworkers and even your boss. This may be especially appropriate if you need a chiropractor due to a work-related injury and are receiving workers compensation.

Check Their Credentials

With any luck, you’ve narrowed your list down to a handful of Brooklyn chiropractors now. The next step is one you should take with any medical professional: inspecting their credentials.

The most basic form of “vetting” is making sure that the chiropractor’s license is current. You can also take the time to make sure they don’t have a history of malpractice claims against them.

If you’re searching for a workers’ comp chiropractor in Brooklyn, make sure that he or she is an authorized WCB provider. The same goes if you are searching for an experienced chiropractor after a car accident, makes that they accept no-fault insurance.

For peace of mind, you can even investigate things like the chiropractor’s school background and certifications. This may sound extreme, but you’re trusting them with your body and your quality of life. Might as well make sure they are the best!

Consult Your Insurance

One sad reality of modern medical care is that there is sometimes a gap between what service is best and what your insurance will pay for. Before you go any further in the selection process, you should consult with your insurance company about chiropractors you are interested in.

Basic questions include whether or not the chiropractor is part of your network or not. More advanced questions include what services are covered and to what extent. For example, your insurance may provide a steep discount on the first few sessions each year.

You can also have the chiropractor’s staff check with your insurance company. If you do this ahead of time, you may be able to discover exactly how much all of this is going to cost.

Research Your Problem

Almost nobody goes to the chiropractor as part of their usual medical regimen. In fact, most people go after something drastic such as an auto accident.

Before you finalize your chiropractor decision, it’s best to research your problem to the best of your ability. This may help you determine if your back pain is something simple (such as sciatica) or something more drastic.

There are a few reasons to do your homework about your own medical condition. One reason is that it will help you gauge how much chiropractic care you will need.

The other primary reason is that by knowing what your medical issue is, you can find a chiropractor who specializes in it.

Scope Their Specialty

Think all chiropractors do the same thing? Think again. Like other medical professionals, different chiropractors specialize in different forms of treatment.

For example, almost all chiropractors can help with simple neck and back issues. But others have more training, certifications, and experience with things like extensive physical rehabilitation.

On top of that, some chiropractors actually focus on healing skeletal problems as a way of healing the entire body. Others see chiropractic care as just one part of a wider web of medical diagnosis and treatment that your body needs.

Some chiropractors specialize in treating work-related injuries and pain associated with auto accidents.

With a bit of research, you can find a chiropractor best suited to your needs.

Inspect Patient Reviews

Earlier, we mentioned the importance of asking your friends and family for recommendations. Once you are pretty serious about a particular chiropractor, the next step is obvious: inspecting their patient reviews.

Sometimes, a chiropractor may publish patient reviews and surveys on their website. While this is helpful, keep in mind that the chiropractor may be picking and choosing the best reviews to publish.

To get a fuller perspective, you can also see reviews left on various third-party websites. Some of the most popular sites for this include Yelp® and Google® Reviews.

While no chiropractor is going to have perfect reviews, check out what patients are saying to make sure there aren’t any consistent red flags that stand out.

Make the First Appointment

Now, you have as much information as you can possibly find out secondhand. You only have one thing left to do: make the first appointment.

Remember, you aren’t signed to any kind of contract on that first visit. That makes it the perfect time to make sure you feel comfortable in this space.

Make sure the staff is friendly and the paperwork actually makes sense. Above all, make sure the chiropractor is trustworthy. You will need to be able to trust this person with various body issues and also trust them to adjust and massage your body.

How to Find A Good Chiropractor: What Comes Next?

Now you know how to find a good chiropractor in Brooklyn. However, there is one more step that can help you find the perfect one!

We specialize in helping injured people find the medical care and medical professionals they deserve. To see how we can help make your pain go away, call 1-800-897-8440 or use the form below to book an appointment.


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