Workplace Accident Statistics: Workers’ Compensation Injuries in the U.S.

Workers' Compensation Injury Statistics in U.S.

There are over 157 million Americans in the US workforce. These people work in a huge number of jobs from engineering to production lines to supermarket check-outs. But none of them are immune to an accident in the workplace. These injuries are extremely common and can have a devastating impact on the lives of people […]

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How to Heal a Pinched Nerve After a Work-Related Injury

pinched nerves

Each day there are more than 12,500 people injured at work. Work-related injuries can cause lifelong damage when they go untreated. Pinched nerves are one of the most common back injuries that occur on the job, often due to repeating the same motions. Continue reading to discover what pinched nerves are, along with how you can […]

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